Thursday, 13 February 2014

The harsh reason why I don't hate Valentines's Day

When it was time to complain about Valentine's Day,  I've always been in first row.

"You don't need Valentine's Day to show your partner how much you love him/her!" *round of applause*
"It's a holiday created by cards and chocolate manufacturers!" *round of applause*
"I HATE ALL THE HYPE! I HATE PEOPLE!" *round of applause*

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And even though I am still annoyed by the bombarding of Valentine's ads for literally ANYTHING, I am starting to view the holiday in a slightly different light.

The truth is, if you and your significant other are being romantic every day, well, lucky you. I am going to admit, I am actually a bit jealous! More often than not, life gets in the way, and whether it's you or the other person, well, the romance doesn't happen (at least to the levels a romantic girl wants ;) ).
The way I see it is that of course, it *could* be any other day, ideally more often than once a year, but sometimes things get hectic and it's kind of nice that the world tells you that one day you should just stop, and make extra effort for each other.

Me and my partner are not going to spend the day together, simply due to life's stuff. But we are going to have a day to ourselves on Sunday, which I am really looking forward to.

I am not going to buy any Valentine's day merchandising: I am going to draw him a card, cook something. Oh, and I got him a subscription to the Official Nintendo Magazine.

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