Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Valentine's Wishlist

Even though I know my Valentine's evening will probably end up with me and my SO watching The League on Netflix, a girl can dream and I couldn't help but putting together my ideal Valentine's outfits!

I selected items from my two favourite shops: Topshop and H&M. Does it show that I love pink?

Topshop romantic valentine

The TOPSHOP look is uber romantic, and I want ALL the items (I actually already have the Camera Bag in black!).

The cost for all the items is £220.29 - find all the items and prices here.

H&M Romantic Valentine

This set is a bit more gentle on the wallet, and everything is £90.49 -  find all the items and prices here. That bracelet is going to be mine soon... can't resist! I am weak, ok??
What are your plans for Valentine's day? Do you predict a lazy evening, or are you going to dress up and do something special?
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All the photos in this blog are taken in natural light, and then carefully digitally adjusted to match the products true colours.

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